Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hi Everyone,

I love U-Tube!! Although I knew about U-Tube prior to commencing my journey in E-Learning, I never really knew how to look things up or in what context clips can be used in. Since talking to people about it and taking a look for myself, I really feel it to be quite an exciting tool. You can find anything your heart desires. In a classroom context I believe this would be an invaluable tool for students to use. They can search for what it is they require and in most cases find it. It will enhance their ability to use the most relevant information as they will have to sort through all of the clips to find the one that is most suitable. It also has the potential to hone their paraphrasing skills. If they search for something and they don't quite get the results they want, they will have to slighty alter the words written in the search bar.
I think both Keirsley and Schneiderman's Engagement Theory as well as Oliver's Learning Design Framework can be linked to this tool as it is multimodal as well as the fact that it would be engaging for the students.

Here is a youtube clip that I could have possibly used in one of my previous units in which I implemented on prac.


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