Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Incompetech is a great tool for students to use as it allows them the opportunity to download music for free to use in their work or assignments. The fact that the music is free to download makes it possible for schools to use, which is really beneficial for the students. It is also great news for teachers as they do not have the concern or worry of breeching any copyright laws that are associated with other music download companies/sites. It is safe for the students to use and as along as the music is accompanied by a reference of where it came from.

The only instance in where I could really see myself using it as a teacher is if I was to make it an essential feature of the students assignment where they had to find music to accompany the task. Powerpoint may be an instance where students could use it or even digital storytelling. If students were to include the music from this site in such things as a powerpoint, multimodes of communication are clearly evident. This in turn means that Oliver's Learning Design Framework applies.


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