Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tag Galaxy

This is probably another one of my favourite tools as it is so extensive in the varitey of photos and images it contains. This is an ideal tool for teachers to use in their classroom practices as it can aid them in describing the concept in which they are trying to get students to understand. The images on this site are also very valuable resources that can be used to compliment other tools such as Powerpoint. Students that are given such tasks as completing a powerpoint can simply go to the Tag Galaxy website and find what photo it is they are looking for and then include it in their slides. Tag Galaxy is also useful in the sense that students can search for what they are looking for and often find aspects of a topic in which they had neglected to consider. It is a great tool for enhancing students to think more deeply about other possibilities. Oliver's Learning Design Framework applies to this tool as it not only scaffolds the learning for students but it also helps teachers to plan their ideas and really capture what it is they want the students to get from the task they set.



  1. Hello Amy,

    Thanks for including this e-learning technology onto your blog. It is one that I had never about, until now! It sounds as though it could be effective in the classroom, particularly with the use of a projector screen in the classroom.



  2. Hi Kira,

    You're very welcome! That is a fantastic idea you had about using a projector screen in the classroom and one that I have in fact seen in action. It works superbly if the teacher is able to present the lesson using this tool as all students are given the opportunity to be shown how to navigate the site before having to do it indiviudally. It also works well if students have had this initial demonstration by the teacher to then simply be using the tool alongside the teacher.

    Thanks Amy