Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hello Again,

This is one of my new found favourtite tools. I think it is an excellent tool that could be incorporated into any classroom. I know that concept maps can be done on the white board or with pencil and paper in a book, however, doing it this way will be a great deal more engaging for the students. I tend to think that doing it through Bubbul.us is also a great option for students and teachers as you can make a mistake and fix it instantly. If you were doing it on a white board in a classroom, you rub one thing out and you accidentally smudge something else out or erase the wrong bubble and you are constanly correcting yourself. Bubbul.us allows you the option of using many templates that have different shaped stems etc. It allows the students to enhance their creativity skills while at the same time providing them with endless oportunities to go in whatever direction they choose with their concept map. Now that I know how to use and create a concept map with this tool, I kow that I will be using it in what further studeies I have and also when I began teaching in a classroom.


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