Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Digital Storytelling

I absolutely love this tool. The options for incorporating this into teaching practice are simply endless. By using My e-book teachers are able to deliver content and teach students about the characteristics of a book in a more intersting and engaging way than by simply using a hard cover book. This idea can easily be linked to Keirsley and Schneiderman's Engagement Theory as students would be enthused to create and read stories that are presented in digital format.

Personally, I have found this tool to be so beneficial when working with students who struggle with reading or who don't particularly 'like' reading. I have used it in tutorial sessions with students to engage them and have also used it as a resources where students can create their own story relating to whatever it is that is being taught in the classroom context.

This would be a fantasic tool I think to use across all grade levels and is one that has many additional features. Not only can words and images be inserted, but sounds, voice -overs and u-tube clips are also accessible features. One additional bonuses for schools that makes this tool even more valuable within a classroom is that passwords can be set so that only select people can view it. This is an essential feature to ensure the saftey of all students. Oliver's frameowrk could also be seen to link with this tool as it is mutlimodal and allows students to create their own digital stories.


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