Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I believe Powerpoint is an extremely valuable resource in any classroom context. Prior to commencing University studies, specifically this journey, I had seldomly used powerpoint. I had done the odd photo slideshow using Microsoft Powerpoint for parties etc, however, I had never fully understood the many options available within this fabulous tool.

In the year and a half I have been at University, I have increasingly become more familiar with powerpoint through incorporating it into presentations for assessment. It is an excellent tool to use to accompany any presentation as it can have as little or as much information embedded in it as you please. If desired, powerpoint can stand alone, however, it can also be used as a simple reference point for the presenter if need be. Powerpoint has also been extremely valuable for myself as a learner, as I have been able to access the notes and material lecturer's have presented in tutorials. I find that being able to print out the slides directly from the Powerpoint to be fantastic as you can remind yourself of what has been discussed in tutorials. Often, Powerpoint slides are completed prior to tutorials so that students are able to come ready to class equipped with their copy of the notes so that they can follow along.

Looking specifically at Powerpoint within a classroom context, I honestly believe that all teacher's should be incorporating it into their everyday classroom practices. Through my experiences in classrooms as a student teacher, I have seen Powerpoint used quite regularly for assessment tasks. I feel that through using this tool students will be more engaged than they would be if they were to write a story/ report with a paper and pencil. It is an ideal tool for all students, especially the visual learners. Powerpoint is a safe tool to use and is easily accessible to all schools with no internet connection required.

I know that when I begin my career as a teacher, I will not only be using powerpoint as an assessmnet tool for students to use, I will also be incorporating it into my everyday lessons to ensure that I am catering for all of my students varied learning styles.


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