Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Learning Place

The Learning Place is one of the best tools I have come across to date. Both schools in which I have completed prac at have both been very much in favour of incorporating it into their classroom practices. It is an excellent site that is Education Qld approved, which means total safety for all users. As an embedded feature of this tool, hundreds of Learning Objects can be found. These Learning Objects are digital copyright free resources that teachers can incorporate into units or lessons of work for the students to engage with and complete. There are a variety of learning objects that look at many different KLA'S. They are also designed according to specific year levels which is great for teachers as they do not have to sort through hundreds of learning objects to find what they are looking for.

I know that I will be using the Learning Place in my teaching practices as it is beneficial for the students learning to be exposed to as many different tools as possible, especially if you know that it will engage the students in learning that enthuses them.

Oliver's Learning Design Framework is able to be linked to this tool as it aids teachers in scaffolding the students learning.


  1. Amy,
    I truly believe that the Learning Place is one of the best tools we have discovered on this e-learning journey. As our careers as teachers is just begining, sometimes it is difficult to find ideas for lessons or units, which comes with years of experince. This site gives you those ideas or resources that you may never have thought of. It also an area for the students to particpate in, much like the system we use in university, where they can swap ideas or thoughts and respond to each other as another form of communication outside the classroom.

  2. Bec,
    I could not agree more with you. The Learning Place is one of my Favourite resources that I am already using in schools with students and also at home as mentioned in my blog. They are fantastic in catering for students varied learning styles and with the vast array of learning objects available, I am sure there will be something for everyone. How do you think you might incorporate this into your actual classroom? Will you use it only as an assessment tool?