Thursday, August 20, 2009

Delicious/Netiquette/Blogs/Google Reader

Delicious is a wonderfully useful tool that helps save time trying to track down and find sites that you have previously visited. By using this tool and bookmarking and tagging the website you want, it takes you straight to where you want to bew. No hassle!

Blogs are really great aslo as they allow you to keep in touch with friends/ co-workers and peers. It provides people with the opportunity to comment on what you have said whihc in turn leads into an in depth conversation. Unfortunately with blogs there is little privacy as most people are able to view what is being said and track your comments and concersations. this is very dangerous in a schol context and I think that there are other safer tools that could be used.

Google reader is a fantastic tool and saves me plenty of time. it ensures that I am able to keep track of who has posted any new comments without the hassle of having to sort through everyone's blogs individually to check for new postings.

Netiquette is really quite important and some people unfortunately take it for granted I think. Netiquette is all about being courteous to people and engaging in ethical communication.It is about proffreading what you type in such things as emails and blogs prior to sending them. This ensures that nasty comments and fights do not errupt because something was said out of context.

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