Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Google Earth

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited about this amazing tool. I had heard people talk about it previously but never really knew how it worked and the endless use of options that come with it. Google earth is an excellent tool to locate particular places of interest. I feel that this could be used in many different situations including:
- Planning a holiday and mapping out your route.
- Giving someone directions.
- In a classroom context, it would be ideal to show children where you are talking about when studying a particular place as opposed to just using the globe whihc is quite hard for 30 students to see.

I know that since I have been made aware of this tool that I have used it to locate a lot of my friend's houses. It is also a really fun and exciting tool as you can look back on old houses in whihc you used to live in. I really do think it would engage students and make it more real for them to see the an actual photgraphed poisture of something opposed to using a globe or an atlas. It has the potential to be much more specific then these previously mentioned resources also.

Thanks Amy


  1. Amy,
    Isn't Google Earth a great tool and the opportunities to be used in the class setting are endless. I think the best assest of Google Earth is for the visual learners. As I am myself a visual learner, I can see how exciting this tool would be for students trying to understand geographical concepts of the world. Google Earth can offer a real insight into places students may have never experinced or even heard of, while also offering the students a chance to see their own home or school. This can help lead the students to believe that they are just one small part of this amazing world in which we live.

  2. Hi Amy,

    I hadn't used either of these tools much either but now I have I never will stop, it is fantastic! You could use it in so many different concepts in the classroom as you said in your posting, another way could even be in a maths lesson looking at area and perimeter. I believe this tool will really engage the students, as I certainly was when I could look at my place in a satelite vision. I am the same as what Bec said, a visual learner. This tool would definitely benefit those that are visual learners and yes they would see how they are only one small part of this amazing world.


  3. Hi Girls,
    You both made some very valid comments about this exciting tool. Amanda, I had never thought about using Google Earth in maths to look at such things as perimenter and area. I think this really could work, it would be much more engaging for the students. Thanks for your input girls.