Thursday, August 20, 2009

Important!! Legal, Ethical and Safe Operations.

Using the internet can be quite a scary concept to fathom at times, especially if you are not computer literate. There are many unsafe and illegal operations that occur through people using the internet. Some people know about and still choose to do these things hoping they wont be caught, others people simply aren't even aware that they are breeching such things as copyright licences. Especially in classroom contexts, teachers need to be very careful that they themslves aren't in breech of any liceneces but most of all that they aren't involving their students in illegal and unethical opertaions through using particular interent tools. This is something that teachers need to be aware of and need to consult their principals if in doubt of whether or not something is safe to use.

I have in recent times been informed of a rule that outlines you can only use 10% of a persons work at any one time and that anymore than that is illegal. this does not oocur in all cases, however, it is a very common and general rule that is always good to remember. having said that there are many unsafe tools to use on the internet, there are also a lot of safe ones too. Such sites as ones that I have previously mentioned in my Blogs including things like the Learning Place are always safe to use as they are educational and backed by the government.


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