Thursday, August 20, 2009

Interactive Whiteboard

Prior to commencing this course I had heard a lot about this tool, however never really understood how it worked exactly. After having it demonstrated to me in a tutorial, I can now see what everyone was talking about. This tool is great to use in classrooms as it is engaging for the students and teaches them how to use computers and the associated technology. Interactive whiteboards are basically a touch screen whiteboard that you navigate like a normal computer without having to use a mouse, instead you use a pen.
Another benefit to using this tool and incorporating it into your classroom is that you can also buy a mobile version of it called Mimio. This would be ideal for teachers who teach part time or teacher who do relief work as they can take the resource wherever they need it on a particular day. It could also be used in other professions such as in business meetings where you are presenting information to a room full of people in a seminar.

Both Oliver's Framework and Keirsley and Schneiderman's Engagement Theory would apply to this tool as it would be engaging for the students to use and view given that it is multimodal.


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